New Parking Charges in Perth City Centre

The new parking charges and zoning start today.


It is now even easier to visit the City of Perth by car in 2016 with the introduction of new simple flat-rated parking charges from 11 January 2016.

The review of charges for on-street parking and car parks owned by Perth & Kinross Council are being introduced for a one year trial period in 2016. The scheme has been developed based on customer feedback and after consultation with local elected members and businesses.

The new charging system even recognises the popularity of click and collect shopping, with visitors who want to just pop into the centre to collect purchases able to benefit from the introduction of free parking for stays of 15 minutes or less.

Councillor John Kellas, said: “Many people now choose to browse their favourite shops and order online, before travelling in to pick up their purchased items. Free 15 minute parking makes that even more appealing in the City of Perth as visitors are able to park at no cost while they make a short trip to collect their purchases. Drivers will still have to display a ticket to show when they arrived, but don’t need to pay anything unless they want to stay for longer.

“The city still offers a range of parking options, from a short-stay zone for parking up to an hour through to all-day parking in the long-stay zone. This is in addition to the existing options of monthly parking tickets, pay on exit at South Inch car park and three busy park & ride facilities. The new charging system will run for a trial period throughout 2016 and I look forward to hearing feedback from visitors, residents and local businesses so that we can make sure that our parking system is fit for a 21st century city.”

Under the new charging system parking is split into three zones. The most central zone allows parking for up to 1 hour for £1. Zone 2 parking is for a maximum of 4 hours at a flat-rate of £1 an hour. Long-stay parking in zone 3 is up to 6 hours at a flat-rate of 50p an hour, or up to 10 hours at a flat rate of 40p an hour, with a maximum charge of £4. Canal Street multi-storey car park is the only exception to this as the car park is located in zone 1, but caters for long-stay parking at a maximum charge of £8.

The charging system will be in operation 8.00 am to 6.00 pm, Monday to Saturday with parking free on Sundays. Parking remains free on-street for Blue Badge holders.

Zone 1 will encompass the Council’s parking provision between Mill Street, South Methven Street, Canal Street and Tay Street. Parking here will be limited to 1 hour at a flat rate of £1. Parking for up to 4 hours at a flat rate of £1 per hour will be available in the Scott Street Car Park, and all day parking will be available in the Canal Street Multi Storey Car Park – again at a flat rate of £1 per hour, with a maximum cost of £8

Zone 2 stretches out to Marshall Place, Caledonian Road, Barrossa Place and also includes the Back Wynd Car Park in Bridgend. This zone will allow for a maximum of 4 hours parking at a flat rate of £1 per hour.

Finally, zone 3 includes the South Inch Car Park, Shore Road, Edinburgh Road, St Leonards Bank and the On Street Parking on the east bank of the Tay along with the Norie Miller Walk Car Park. The parking in Zone 3 is for those looking for all day parking which will be charged at a flat rate of 50p per hour, with a maximum charge of £4.

It is hoped that these changes, initially being implemented on a trial basis, will encourage a higher turnover of parking within the City Centre while also catering for the leisure opportunities on offer.

Parking at Broxden and Scone Park & Ride sites will not be affected by the changes and will still provide a convenient bus service to the City Centre with free parking.
These changes do not affect privately run car parks within any of the new zone designations.

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