Mayor of Aschaffenburg visits St John’s Shopping Centre for 30th Anniversary

Jürgen Herzing, Bürgermeister (mayor) of Aschaffenburg visits St John’s Shopping Centre 30 years after former mayor, the late Dr. Willi Reiland officially opened the Shopping Centre in 1988.

Works began to create a retail mall in the heart of Perth City Centre in 1985 and were completed in 1987. St John’s Shopping Centre was then officially opened in 1988 by Dr. Willi Reiland, Lord Mayor of Aschaffenburg - Perth's German Twin Town, and his wife Frau Elvira Reiland.

To mark the 30-year anniversary the current mayor of Perth’s Twin Town, Aschaffenburg, Jürgen Herzing, officials from the Aschaffenburg Fire Department and the Provost of Perth & Kinross, Dennis Melloy were invited to a behind the scenes tour of the shopping centre by the centre management team.

All parties initially met underneath the Aschaffenburg plaque, which is situated in the busy High Street mall within the Shopping Centre. The Aschaffenburg plaque was installed during the major refurbishment of the centre in 1997 to further cement the close relationship between the cities of Aschaffenburg and Perth.

Derek Martin, Marketing Manager at St John’s Shopping Centre said “We were honoured to welcome Jürgen Herzing, Mayor of Aschaffenburg to St John’s Shopping Centre 30 years after his predecessor Dr. Willi Reiland officially opened the Centre. We are very lucky to have close community ties with our Twin City and we look forward to building a stronger partnership going forward”.

Jürgen Herzing, Bürgermeister (mayor) of Aschaffenburg said "Perth and Aschaffenburg have a lot in common, both cities are located on the banks of river and have spacious park and green areas, a beautiful pedestrian area and each with a shopping mall that invites you to stroll and shop. I am delighted to send our warmest congratulations on the 30th anniversary of St John's Shopping Centre under the coat of arms of the city of Aschaffenburg ".

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