FREE weekend parking in December

Over 28 car parks in the Perth City Centre are offering free parking on Saturday throughout December. As car parks are also free on Sundays that means you can park FREE on the weekends throughout the entire month! As in 2017, the scheme will not apply to on-street car parking bays, which are required for short stay parking.

These are the closest car parks to the Centre, that are within a 2-minute walk of St. John’s Shopping Centre:

  • -          Canal Street Car Park
  • -          Scott Street Car Park
  • -          Milne Street North Car Park
  • -          Milne Street South Car Park


These Car Parks are also included in the free city centre parking:

  • -          Library East Car Park
  • -          Library West Car Park
  • -          West Mill Street Car Park
  • -          Mill Wynd Car Park
  • -          Mill Street East Car Park
  • -          Speygate Car Park
  • -          Charles Street Car Park,
  • -          Leonard Street Car Park
  • -          Victoria Street Car Park
  • -          Back Wynd Car Park
  • -          Norie Miller Car Park
  • -          Riverside Car Park
  • -          Thimblerow Car Park
  • -          South Inch Car Park
  • -          Canal Street Multi Storey Car Park

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