Free Fruit for Kids all Summer

St John’s Shopping Centre to Provide Free Fruit for Children this Summer.

Kids can enjoy a piece of fruit when they visit St John’s Shopping Centre, Perth during the Summer Holidays.

St John’s Shopping Centre has launched a free fruit for kid’s initiative that allows children to help themselves to a piece of fruit while they’re in the Shopping Centre throughout the Summer. The Free Fruit for Kids scheme will offer young people one of their five a day and encourage healthier snacking.

It is hoped that the initiative will promote healthy food choices, but it can also serve as a welcomed distraction for kids accompanying their parents on a shopping trip.

Banana’s, Apples and Pears, delivered fresh from local greengrocers Martin’s Fruit Bazaar will be available every day for the duration of the Summer Holidays.

A variety of colourful, juicy fruit will be located at a brightly designed Fruit Station that can be found on the mall floor, outside River Island and next to the Oor Wullie Sculpture currently on display in the Shopping Centre.

Derek Martin, Marketing Manager at St John’s Shopping Centre said, “We hope this initiative will promote healthy eating habits by encouraging children to opt for a healthier snack.

“With the Schools now breaking off for Summer, we will see a sharp increase in the number of children who visit the centre over the next 6/7 weeks. We hope that the free Fruit Station along with our upcoming events can add to a fun Shopping experience for both children and their parents this Summer.

“We are always looking for ways to improve the shopping experience for our customers and hope that the Fruit Station is something kids can get excited about and look forward to when visiting St John’s Shopping Centre.”

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