Milk Now Delivered in Reused Glass Bottles

To further reduce plastic consumption, all milk consumed by St John's Shopping Centre staff is now delivered in reused glass bottles.

Staff at St John’s Shopping Centre in Perth are taking further steps to try and reduce their carbon footprint. The shopping centre has recently started ordering glass bottled milk in place of their usual plastic cartons. And, instead of grabbing their milk from a supermarket, they are now ordering it in from a local farm - Robertson’s Dairy in Blairgowrie.

Derek Martin, marketing manager at the shopping centre said “We have really ramped up efforts this year to reduce our carbon footprint. We have introduced lots of small changes over the last year which have had a big impact in further reducing our carbon footprint, so we have focused on smaller changes and this is one of them, getting rid of plastic cartons and getting glass bottles delivered instead.”

Derek continued: “It is another step in the right direction and we have had positive feedback from staff saying it tastes better.

The milk is now delivered directly from a local dairy farm and delivered twice a week by Robertson’s Dairy in Blairgowrie, thus supporting local business at the same time as reducing plastic consumption.

Derek went on to say the shopping centre is determined to do even more to reduce its carbon footprint: “We are not just making changes for the sake of it, we are striving to reduce single-use plastic within the shopping centre and introduce more sustainable schemes.”


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